October 15

Ep. 0082: The Alliance of Throne & Altar

Here is the first mobile DHP episode in a while, recorded over the course of my commute to & from work. (BTW, the audio is much improved over previous in-the-car recordings!)

Join CJ as he discusses:

  • The basic concept of this alliance, including its origins and the symbiotic nature of it
  • How religion most effectively fulfilled the legitimizing function for the rulers for most of history
  • How “intellectuals” now increasingly fulfill that function since religiosity has declined in many parts of the world
  • A few of the ways in which the modern state is aspiring to be god-like in terms of omniscience & omnipotence
  • The possibility that the standard liberal/conservative split is at least partially explained by a split between people who prefer their rulers to be legitimized by secular intellectuals & those who prefer their rulers to be legitimized by clergy

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(Note: The first two items in the Amazon links below today are the digital recorder & headset I used to do this episode, giving me the best audio I’ve gotten while in the car yet. Use these if you want to start a mobile-guerrilla podcast of your own. Thanks to all the listeners who’ve helped me upgrade & improve things!)

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