January 17

Ep. 0091: Assassination Ruminations

I’m back to work after Christmas break, and so fittingly I’ve got an episode recorded while commuting in The Silver Bullet (my silver Hyundai Accent hatchback.)

How should we think about the deaths of famous and/or influential people?  Are all deaths of such people suspicious?  I don’t have all the answers, but here are some of my thoughts on these complicated matters.  It’s time to do something very difficult: Moderate conspiracy theorizing, wherein one neither believes the official story nor jumps to outlandish conclusions based on shaky (or nonexistent) evidence.

Join CJ as he discusses:

  • An overview of all presidents who’ve died in office, whether from natural, unnatural, or disputed causes
  • A few words about other assassinations of important people in relatively recent history, such as Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • A few words about recent deaths of important media figures that at least some people find questionable
  • How, in order to be intellectually honest, we have to be willing to accept a degree of uncertainty on many of these deaths and assassinations, and we must be willing to accept “I don’t know” and/or “we’ll never know for sure” where appropriate
  • How assassinations rarely result in any significant change to the track that the state is on when they occur, and how, more often than not, assassinations simply accelerate existing trends

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