November 9

Ep. 0085: Daniele Bolelli on Taoism, History, & other cool stuff

Daniele Bolelli is a writer, martial artist, university professor, and podcaster. He was born in Italy and currently lives in Los Angeles.  His podcasts are The Drunken Taoist Podcast and History on Fire.  His books include On the Warrior’s Path, 50 Things You’re Not Supposed to Know: ReligionCreate Your Own Religion, and a new one coming out in December of 2015 entitled Not Afraid: On Fear, Heartbreak, Raising a Baby Girl, and Cage Fighting.

Join CJ & Daniele as they discuss a wide range of topics, including:

  • Being versatile
  • The limitations of conventional academia
  • Why history, especially in a conventional institutional setting, can be so boring
  • Taoism & Zen Buddhism
  • The joys of history podcasting
  • Daniele’s history podcast, History on Fire
  • Some thoughts on Hollywood’s “historical” films
  • The Roman slave rebellions that Daniele covered in his first two History on Fire episodes
  • Daniele’s upcoming book, Not Afraid, due out December 2015

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