July 30

Ep. 0071: The Calusa Indians

The Calusa were a fascinating Native American people who populated the southwestern coast of Florida.  Despite having no real agriculture, they developed a dense, sedentary, complex society, with all the good & bad that entails.

Join Prof CJ as he discusses:

  • The origins of the Calusa
  • Their physical description
  • Their society, hierarchy, and religion
  • The relationship of the Calusa to their environment, a highly productive estuary which they used to efficiently procure nourishment and materiel
  • The fate of the Calusa
  • Prof CJ’s thoughts on lessons we might learn from them

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  1. By Halsingen on

    Interesting what you mentioned about suzereainty.

    As far as I know, the trigger for the so called “Viking raids”, is considered by many historians to have been a conflict between two state-perceptions?

    The christian Franks represented a new view of the state, which joined the country with laws and regulations that strangled the trade through tariffs – which greatly frustrated the northeners – and secured conquered lands by castles, churches and monasteries.

    The pagan Scandinavians and Slavs, according to these historians, represented an older view of government, which was looser and freer, where they in case of invasions of foreign countries were confined to collect taxes, take hostages and assurances of their submission.

    As was the case of Denmark’s foreign relations to neighboring countries as far as up until the times of king Valdemar the Great (I know BTW, that you have a problem with this surname, but please note that in Danish he is known as Valdemar den Store, where “great” just as well can be interpetred as “big”, as in “Big Tony”, a warlord 🙂 ) in the 1100’s.

    Can this be defined as suzereainty?

  2. By Raul on

    A prime example of living by the sword and dying by the sword. At least the Aztecs had the sense to finally convert to Christianity and then, at least for a time, thrive as a people up until the modern nationalist/socialist state took over to oppress the peoples of Mexico and their faith.


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