November 5

Ep. 0084: DHP Villains: Robert Morris, Original Bankster

Robert Morris is one of the lesser-known “Founding Fathers” today, even though arguably he was one of the most important and influential.  He served as a virtual chief executive of the country in the latter years of the Revolutionary war and was the father of the American Federal Leviathan and the crony capitalist system that lives in symbiosis with it.

(BTW, I was a bit under the weather, but happy to get this one cranked out anyway!)

Join CJ as he discusses:

  • Robert Morris’ origins, rise in business, and entry into American politics
  • His role early in the war as a key member of the Secret Committee of Trade, and some of his questionable dealings in that capacity
  • Morris’ leaving of Congress in 1778 and return in 1781 as Superintendent of Finance, a post he held until 1784
  • Morris’ role as one of the most powerful members of what historians now refer to as the “Nationalists,” who pushed for a stronger central government, more taxes, a central bank, and a large, fully funded national debt, as means by which to create a system in America more to their liking
  • The eventual success the ‘Nationalists’ had several years after the war, when they became the ‘Federalists’ who wrote & implemented the Constitution
  • How Robert Morris’ handpicked man for Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, succeeded in implementing most of Morris’ wishlist during the Washington Administration, and the legacy that has passed onto American history ever since

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July 25

Ep. 0070: DHP Villains: Sargon of Akkad

Often described as the world’s first empire-builder, Sargon of Akkad may not entirely deserve that title.  But he’s the earliest empire-builder to achieve lasting notoriety.

Join CJ as he discusses:

  • A brief excerpt from “The Legend of Sargon”
  • The historical context of ancient Mesopotamia and the Sumerians who peopled most of the southern part of the region which Sargon later conquered
  • Sargon’s rise from obscurity to the throne of Kish
  • His subsequent conquest of virtually all of Mesopotamia into one empire
  • The efforts of Sargon & his heirs to centralize their rule over this empire, with partial success
  • Sargon’s death, and a little bit about some of his successors, including Naram-Sin
  • Some thoughts about the degree to which Sargon was a prototype for many of the “great” rulers and conquerors who came later, and whether conventional notions of “greatness” might in fact have a tinge of psychopathy that serves the rulers’ interests

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March 6

Ep. 0053: DHP Villains: William Stephenson

William Stephenson, codenamed “Intrepid” (at least according to some sources), was an Anglo-Canadian businessman and intelligence agent who operated illegally and unconstitutionally in the US with the active assistance of FDR in order to facilitate American entry into World War II on the side of the British.

Join CJ as he discusses:

  • William Stephenson’s early life, including his World War I military service and his success in business after the war
  • How in the early days of World War II, at the behest of the British government, William Stephenson set up a covert operations network in the US, which was still supposedly a neutral country at the time, with the knowledge & assistance of the FDR Administration
  • Stephenson’s operations in the US prior to Pearl Harbor, which included (among many other things) intervention in US media and politics, discrediting ‘isolationists,’ meddling in labor unions, and the possible assassination of an isolationist American businessman, William Rhodes Davis
  • Stephenson’s role in helping FDR discredit anti-interventionist Senator Burton Wheeler
  • How both opponents and proponents of FDR admit that he broke the law and Constitution in collaborating with Stephenson and acting as a tool of the British government
  • Stephenson’s awards after the war, and his death in 1989 at the age of 93
  • Some thoughts from George Washington & CJ on the phenomenon of foreign agents intervening in the politics and media of the US

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