September 21

Ep. 0077: History of Irregular Warfare with Bill Buppert (Part 1)

This episode is the first part of my conversation with Bill Buppert on the history of irregular warfare.

Bill Buppert is a retired Army officer. He has been a writer for a number of publications including He is particularly interested in the issues of liberty, survival, shooting and history. He has made frequent media appearances. He wishes to continue the abolitionist project of men like William Wilberforce and Lysander Spooner.  A recognized authority on irregular and guerrilla warfare, he is the founder and publisher of

Join CJ & Bill as they discuss:

  • The 4 Generations of Modern War
  • The meaning of terms such as irregular warfare, guerrilla warfare, terrorism, and insurgency
  • The concept of counterinsurgency, or COIN
  • The earliest manifestations of irregular warfare in human history (or prehistory)

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