October 29

Ep. 0122: Principal Ruffian & Chief Among Plunderers: The Norman Conquest of England

In 1066, the course of English history was dramatically altered, as the realm was conquered by Normans from across the Channel.

Join CJ as he discusses:

  • Some backstory on Medieval England & Normandy
  • The death of Edward the Confessor & coronation of Harold Godwinson
  • William of Normandy’s preparations for invasion to seize the English crown
  • The invasion of Northern England by Harald Hardrada of Norway, and Harold Godwinson’s defeat of this force at Stamford Bridge
  • William’s invasion of Southern England shortly after Stamford Bridge
  • The climactic Battle of Hastings,  a hard-fought battle that was ultimately won by the forces of William
  • The aftermath and legacies of the Norman conquest of England

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