April 28

The DHP will be on break until mid-May (off to Ireland again)

Hello DHP listeners,

Tomorrow (April 29th) I will be headed back to the beautiful country of Ireland, helping to run another study abroad trip for my college as I did last year at this same time. I was hoping to get out one more DHP episode done & published before I departed, but unfortunately that’s just not going to be possible — end-of-semester administrative duties at work, plus preparations for the trip, have eaten up just enough of my time this week that I’m not quite ready to record the next episode prior to departing.

Due to the trip, the DHP will be on break (as far as recording & publishing new episodes is concerned, anyway) until roughly the middle of May. However, rest assured that I never go a full day without doing some amount of DHP-related work, so naturally I will be bringing some research material with me & will be working on notes for future episodes every opportunity I get while on the trip.

Also due to the inconsistencies of internet access while traveling abroad, I may not always be very responsive to emails & social media messages.

But look for the DHP to be returning with a vengeance to its previous pace of publishing (roughly one episode every 6-10 days) after I return. I’m really itching for the opportunity to get some new episodes cranked out, as I have a bunch in various stages of planning, and once I get back from the trip I should have more time to get them recorded & published. For the first half of the summer, I’ll be teaching summer school, which is much less onerous than Spring or Fall semesters in terms of my duties. And of course for the second half of the summer, I’ll be off from teaching duties entirely.

Just a few examples of episodes I have in the works for when I return:

  • At least one new Irish history-related episode (the exact contents of which I’ll keep a secret for now)
  • An episode on cyclical history & generations in American history (which will in part be a review of the famous book The Fourth Turning by Strauss & Howe, which I recently read after having heard about that book for many years)
  • An episode on Big Sugar — ie, the American domestic cane sugar industry, which is dominated by a few giant companies based in Florida that are major corporate welfare queens of the USDA (this is a prime public choice case study)
  • The next bonus episode (just for the $5+ per month Patreon supporters of the DHP) on the Naval Not-So-Civil War, which will cover the Union blockade, Confederate blockade-running, and the effects of the blockade
  • The next regular DHP Not-So-Civil War episode, which will be titled something like “The Grunt’s-Eye Perspective” and will focus on the perspective & experiences of the low- and mid-level soldiers of both armies in the war

Look for all that & more over the course of the summer after I return.




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April 10

Ep. 0100: 100th Episode Miscellaneous Off-Topic Smorgasbord Spectacular

In keeping with the spirit of this show, for our 100th episode extravaganza, here’s a collage of somewhat-off-topic discussions pieced together in true guerrilla fashion from several commutes in the Silver Bullet, plus a little bit recorded from the (relative) comfort of the home office.

Join CJ as he discusses:

  • Reaching the 100 episode mark
  • Some current struggles & stresses
  • A preview of some upcoming DHP topics
  • Answers to some non-history questions, some of which are autobiographical in nature
  • Two stories of encounteres with genuine crazy people

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