November 12

New way to help the DHP: Pond5

Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5

Since I started the Not-So-Civil War series nearly a year ago, I’ve gotten many inquiries about the excellent music I’ve used in it. All of that music came from Pond5, a company that sells all sorts of stock audio & visual material (including images, video footage, music, and sound effects) that are royalty-free (meaning you pay a one-time purchase price and then can use them as you see fit in your own media and content productions.) As a podcaster, I’ve purchased and used music & sound effects from Pond5, and recommend their huge selection & high quality. Whether you work with audio, visual, video, or some combination thereof, you’ll definitely be able to find helpful materials at Pond5.

Now I’m happy to announce that the Dangerous History Podcast is now part of the Pond5 affiliate program. So if you’re in need of any stock audio, visual, or video material to help with your own content production, and you also want help out the DHP, go through the Pond5 link above (or the smaller one in the sidebar of the website), set up an account with them, and start shopping for video, music, sound effects, images & more, and the Dangerous History Podcast will get an affiliate commission from Pond5 at no additional cost to you. It’s a win-win!

BTW, here’s a list of songs I’ve purchased from Pond5 that I’ve used in the in the Not-So-Civil War Series, along with the name of the Pond5 user who made it (which is always written as one word on Pond5, hence why I’ve written it that way here):

  • Battle Hymn of the Republic” Folk/hymn/acoustic version by CarlyMillerProductions (This is the most-asked about song I’ve used in the series, just a beautiful, haunting rendition)
  • Isle Vert – Celtic Irish Violin Piano Music” by SteveRiceMusic (This haunting, bittersweet tune is probably my second-most-asked about song)
  • “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” by StockMusicCom (a very good, traditional version with a full marching band)
  • When Johnny Comes Marching Home,” solo acoustic guitar version, by ProlificArts (I love this version, it’s haunting)
  • Creek Run Dry” by WilliamLPearson (This is one of the kind of cowboy-sounding ones with a dobro, banjo, and other traditional American instruments.)
  • Painted Feather” by WilliamLPearson (Similar style to above, but with driving drums added)
  • Taking Up Arms” by DetroitDevil (Driving drums with a symphonic, minor-keyed overlay, sounds very much like a soundtrack piece from an epic film .)
  • Union Forever” (aka, “Battle Cry of Freedom“) by Proclips
  • “Fix Bayonets” by ProClips (Mostly drums and a little fife, classic old-school military music.)
  • Dixie” by StockMusicCom (A traditional, uptempo fife-and-drum rendition)


October 26

New Benefit for Scholar Warrior DHP Supporters

Hi Everybody,
I’m starting a new benefit for DHP Scholar Warriors (those who support the show at $5 or more per month.)
In addition to the existing benefits (access to special supporters-only bonus episodes, and eligibility to join the DHP private Facebook group), Scholar Warrior supporters of the DHP will now also have early access to regular DHP episodes 24-48 hours before they’re published on the regular DHP feed for the general public, starting with Ep. 147, the next installment in the Not-So-Civil War series (which is almost finished & will be published very soon.)
In addition, the versions of the regular DHP episodes that will be published on the Patreon Scholar Warriors’ feed will not have any Patreon & Amazon thank-yous or ads (if and when I run ads.)
This also means that Scholar Warriors will no longer have to subscribe to one feed for regular DHP episodes and another feed for Patreon Bonus episodes – you’ll be able to subscribe just to your Patreon feed and get both regular & bonus episodes, and not have to subscribe to 2 different feeds to get it all. (Of course, you’re welcome to continue to subscribe to both feeds if you just want to for some reason — such as, for example, to help slightly boost my download stats. šŸ˜‰
Are you currently a Patreon supporter at <$5 per month? I certainly still appreciate your continued support at any amount, but I hope you’ll consider upping your pledge to $5+ per month.
Thanks & all the best,

April 10

Ep. 0100: 100th Episode Miscellaneous Off-Topic Smorgasbord Spectacular

In keeping with the spirit of this show, for our 100th episode extravaganza, here’s a collage of somewhat-off-topic discussions pieced together in true guerrilla fashion from several commutes in the Silver Bullet, plus a little bit recorded from the (relative) comfort of the home office.

Join CJ as he discusses:

  • Reaching the 100 episode mark
  • Some current struggles & stresses
  • A preview of some upcoming DHP topics
  • Answers to some non-history questions, some of which are autobiographical in nature
  • Two stories of encounteres with genuine crazy people

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