December 11

Ep. 0044: DHP Villains: “Colonel” Edward M. House

This is the story of Edward Mandell House, the top henchman to Woodrow Wilson (in Prof CJ’s opinion a strong contender for Worst President Ever.)  House initially served as a go-between between Woodrow Wilson and the American corporate elite; later, he performed a similar liaison function with regard to the British elite.

Join Prof CJ as he discusses:

  • The backstory of House’s father Thomas
  • House’s early life
  • House’s involvement in Texas politics at the turn of the century
  • How House got involved with Woodrow Wilson
  • House’s role in helping Wilson attain the presidency
  • The major role House had in the Wilson Administration, especially in foreign policy, where House was a key figure in US intervention in WWI
  • House’s estrangement from Wilson, his supporting role in the early rise of FDR, and his death
  • The significance of House to American history

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