June 20

Ep. 0005: Fall of Rome Follow-Up

Normally, this show will be Mondays & Thursdays, but here’s a half-size-or-slightly-less follow up to yesterday’s episode on the Fall of Rome & its Aftermath, with a little more elaboration on the lessons of that historical episode for us today.

Join Prof CJ as he discusses:

  • The Prof’s answer to the question, “Why bother learning history?”
  • Why those who rise to the top of the state inevitably are stupid and/or evil
  • Let go of the idea of trying to change “the System”
  • Focus on what you can do in your life that actually matter
  • Prof CJ advocates being a moderate prepper/survivalist
  • Do your own thinking to figure out the exact path that suits you and your resources to get you through the New Dark Age

(pic of Hadrian’s Wall courtesy Dr. Joseph Valks/freedigitalphotos.net)

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