July 31

Ep. 0017: The First World War, Part 2

We continue our coverage of the unnecessary, freedom- and life-obliterating carnage-fest that was First World War.

Join Prof CJ as he discusses:

  • The truth about the Lusitania
  • Propaganda, especially that of the Brits (who were the best at it) — even the royal family had to accommodate themselves to the Germano-phobic narrative
  • Two of the most notorious battles on the Western Front, both of which occurred in 1916:  Verdun & the Somme
  • Why Prof CJ thinks this type of slaughter is an inevitable consequence of the modern state, and that the state itself is the consequence of statist ideas

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External links:

  • Germany’s warning to America about traveling on the Lusitania
  • A collection of British propaganda posters from WWI (scroll down a little and you’ll see the first poster — just click on the poster to get to the next one, rinse & repeat.)
  • The Dropkick Murphys rendition of “Green Fields of France” (sometimes also called “Willie McBride,” and originally entitled “No Man’s Land,” a song written by folk singer Eric Bogle in 1976.)  This song seems to be about the Battle of the Somme.  I’m a big fan of DKM — you gotta love a band that incorporates bagpipes and other traditional Celtic instruments into aggressive punk rock!  This song, like “Christmas in the Trenches,” is another one that I think brings most decent people at least to the verge of tears.

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  1. By Doug on


    You reiterated a POV I’ve had since I was in my 20’s (in my 50’s now), that being that “family values” and hawkishness are mutually exclusive.

    War is nothing more than very-late-term abortion.

  2. By Bobby on

    Hi, CJ. I’m a new fan of your podcast. In this episode you say that the Wilson administration blocked the German advertisement about the possibility of the Lusitania being sunk in 49 out of 50 newspapers. Could you add a reference to this in your show notes? I tried googling this and found the advertisement on Wikipedia, but couldn’t find anything about it being blocked in most newspapers.

    1. By profcj (Post author) on

      Thanks for the question. Been a while since I did this one so don’t remember for certain offhand (though have a few guesses) where that came from; and I’m not finding my notes on WWI here at home. I see the reason for your confusion — just googling myself right now to see if I could find a reference online about it, I’m finding two versions of the story — one in which the warnings were published in all the newspapers, and one in which they were nixed in all but one of them.

      The sources where (I think) I got the version that they weren’t published in most of the newspapers are in my work-office, where I store most of the history books & articles I’ve already read (don’t have room for them at my home); also my notes may be there as well. Next time I go in there (not sure when that will be exactly), will check that out, both to verify where I got that info from, and to see if I can verify where those books and/or articles got it from in turn, and will get back to you. -CJ

      1. By profcj (Post author) on

        The answer of where I got that from appears to be the book The Lusitania by Colin Simpson. Read it a long, long time ago, don’t own a copy, but the mystery is solved. Sorry it took so long.

  3. By Gruber on

    I’m not being a holocaust apologist but I must say that the the lie of Nazi’s making soap from Jewish human fat was debunked and the curator of the holocaust museum in D.C. announced it on I believe a Phil Donahue show long ago. I particularly hate this myth because I’ve heard that whenever a cache of war era soap is unearthed in Germany, people would treat the soap as a body and perform funeral rites for it.
    Just imagine the horror of younger jews having believed that parts of their older relatives could be in the soap.


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