August 18

Ep. 0022: Learn the Past, Understand the Present, and Prepare for the Future

It’s been a tough week for me.  Haven’t been able to put together a historical narrative podcast, primarily due to work obligations.  On the plus side, I finally came up with a tagline for the show, so I decided to do a mobile podcast while driving home from work, about the tagline and what it means to me and for the show.  This is mobile guerrilla podcasting, for sure — aside from the usual audio issues you get from recording in a car while you’re driving it, Mother Nature decided to toss another monkey wrench into it in the form of a massive rainstorm.

Join Prof CJ as he discusses:

  • A little self-indulgent bitching about the excess of superfluous meetings in academia (I’m sure most people have a version of this affliction in their career, of course.)
  • The tag line Prof CJ finally came up with:  “Learn the past, understand the present, and prepare for the future”
  • An extended exploration of what that statement means by breaking it down, analyzing, and applying it.  (Once again, we get into questions of the utility of history in your life — ie, other than it being interesting, why learn history at all?)
  • History can liberate you by helping you allocate your scarce resources more effectively to things that both A) actually matter and B) you can actually have a major affect on

(Image “3d Chain Breaking” courtesy of David Castillo Dominici via

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