September 8

Ep. 0027: The Collapse of Bronze Age Civilizations, Part 1

The Fall of the Western Roman Empire and its aftermath (discussed by me in Episodes 0004 and 0005) might be the most notorious civilization collapse, but it was by no means the first or even the worst example of that phenomenon.

Over a thousand years before Christ, an even more dramatic collapse hit multiple Bronze Age civilizations in the Eastern Mediterranean over the course of a relatively short window of time, causing significant decline in some kingdoms, and genuine collapse followed by Dark Ages in others.

Join Prof CJ as he discusses:

  • A brief discussion of the survivalist/prepper concepts of SHTF and TEOTWAWKI, which obviously have some relevance to this story
  • An overview of the Late Bronze Age world in the Eastern Mediterranean, including some of the important civilizations and kingdoms
  • A sketch of the degree of trade, prosperity, interconnectedness in the late Bronze Age
  • Evidence of the widespread collapse that hit mostly between 1200 and 1150 BC, including destroyed cities, a few written records of attacks, and evidence that residents of some thriving coastal cities retreated to small villages in remote, rugged terrain, presumably for protection from something

Next time we’ll continue looking at the Bronze Age Collapse by examining some of the problems that may have caused or contributed to it.

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  1. By Bryan on

    This is one of my great interests. Who were the marauders? Were they sea peoples, land peoples or air peoples…? 🙂 I enjoy listening to these seminars. I hope everyone does, too.


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