September 15

Ep. 0029: The Greek Dark Age and Recovery

Greece arguably got hit the hardest and stayed down the longest of any of the major civilizations clobbered by the Bronze Age collapse that was discussed in Episode 27 and Episode 28.  It also had one of the most dramatic ‘recoveries,’ culminating in the Classical Era which produced a culture that many still today see as the real beginning of Western Civilization.

Join Prof CJ as he discusses:

  • A quick sketch of pre-catastrophe Mycenaean civilization
  • The collapse and its effects on Greece as indicated by the archaeological record, such as physical damage and even destruction of buildings and infrastructure; population decline; isolation; loss of technology and crafts; loss of literacy; and decreased cultivation of the land
  • How this chronic crisis created misery, but also, in the long run, new opportunities
  • A quick look at Greece’s emergence from the Dark Age starting circa the 700s BC, including the development of the polis and the related institutions of the independent family farm and the hoplite militia system

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