October 30

Ep. 0038: ‘Merica Does Mengele Part 2: CIA Mind Control Experiments

Here we have another batch of experiments by the US government, many of which were illegally/unethically conducted on subjects who hadn’t given anything resembling informed consent.  This time, we’re looking at mind control experiments

Join Prof CJ as he discusses:

  • The origins and motivations behind the CIA’s mind-control experiments
  • How the experiments that used subjects who had not given informed consent violated the Nuremberg Code, as well as other laws and codes of conduct
  • The first CIA mind control experiment programs, Project Bluebird and Project Artichoke
  • The creation of Project MKUltra, an enlarged mind control program, under the auspices of Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, head of the Chemical Division of the CIA’s Technical Services Staff (or TSS)
  • The CIA’s LSD experiments, which began on consenting subjects (including college students, prisoners, and CIA personnel) but soon progressed to unwitting test subjects, such as the unfortunate Frank Olsen, an Army doctor who was given LSD without his knowledge, had a really  bad trip, and ended up killing himself.
  • The CIA experiments run by Federal Narcotics Bureau Agent George White, who hired prostitutes to lure johns into apartments that had been set up by the CIA to look like love nests; once there, in addition to being sexually serviced, the johns would be drugged without their knowledge while White and CIA men observed and recorded everything from behind a 1-way mirror
  • The CIA-sponsored smorgasbord experiments of Dr. Ewan Cameron, psychiatrist at Allen Memorial Institute at McGill University in Montreal Canada, where unwitting mental patients were reduced to a near-vegetative state through a combination of drugs, electroshock, and other means.
  • How MKUltra “ended” in 1964, but actually continued under new codenames into the 1970s (if not beyond)
  • How some of this information started to come to light in the 1970s, despite efforts by CIA Director Richard Helms to destroy all records of these experiments
  • The fact that what we do know is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg — who knows what experiments happened that we’ll never know about?

External Links

  • Clip from a documentary (wish I could find the whole thing) on the Senate Committee headed by Frank Church (D-ID) which investigated some of the dirty deeds of the CIA
  • Another documentary from a while back on some of the mind-control experiments

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