November 4

Ep. 0039: Intro to Revisionism

Here’s a guerrilla episode done from my rolling mobile studio (ie, car) on my way to go spend a day corrupting young minds at the institution where I work.  As a result, this is a bit more stream-of-consciousness than my more planned-out historical narrative episodes, but I hope you’ll find this thought-provoking.

I make no claim as this being the definitive word on this oft-misunderstood subject, but rather an introductory sketch with some thoughts and observations.

Join Prof CJ as he discusses:

  • What ‘revisionism’ actually means in the field of history
  • The truth that not all revisionist history is valid, but that the existence of bad revisionist history is a small price to pay for the vital role played by good revisionist history
  • Why war is the most important place for revisionist history, due to the degree of propaganda pumped out during wartime, and the common tendency for the first generation or two of historians writing about a particular war to base a lot of their historical narrative on the propaganda narrative
  • How the US political and academic establishment did not attempt to squelch revisionism following World War I, but learned their lesson from the degree to which revisionism flourished in the ‘20s and ‘30s, and were much more vigilant for the first few decades after WWII
  • Some of the ways the Establishment resists revisionism, which are generally subtle, but effective

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