May 21

Ep. 0061: The American Revolution Part IV: 1778-81

Join Prof CJ as he discusses:

  • The increasingly influential counterrevolutionary faction among the independence leaders, as exemplified by John Adams & his essay, “Thoughts on Government”
  • The largely mythical “Conway Cabal” against George Washington
  • The fate of radical & guerrilla warfare advocate Gen. Charles Lee
  • The impact of French & Spanish intervention
  • Baron Von Steuben’s effects (for good & ill) on the Continental Army
  • Benedict Arnold’s Betrayal
  • The British switch to a Southern strategy, which initially goes well for them
  • How the British began to get bogged down by partisan warfare and chaos in the Backcountry, and how clever American commanders such as Nathanael Greene and Daniel Morgan were able to turn the tide
  • The retreat of the British Southern Army to Yorktown, VA, and their ultimate surrender to a Franco-American force in 1781, ending major military operations of the war

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