August 22

Ep. 0073: Listener Emails #2

(First off:  Apologies in advance for the audio quality drop-off after about the first half-hour — had an equipment SNAFU but had to just go on with backup gear in order to get the episode recorded during the narrow window of time I had this week to do it!  I’ve got it solved for next episode, though.)

Once again we dip into the listener mailbag to discuss some thought-provoking email questions from DHP listeners.

Join Prof CJ as he discusses:

  • Advice to a high school senior about whether or not to go to college
  • How to deal with the prevalence of demonization towards Muslims and other groups that’s becoming more prevalent in America currently
  • Whether nuclear weapons have actually made the world safer, and speculations on what might become of heavy-duty weaponry if a transition to a stateless society occurred
  • How to deal with a family member’s staunchly statist significant other
  • How Americans should feel about their history, and whether or not America’s best days are behind it

Thanks to Caitlyn, Brett, Jim, and Leo for their questions!

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  1. By Andrew on

    Here are a couple of interviews with Douglas Valentine who gives a pretty scathing review of Jeremy Scahill’s “Dirty Wars”. No doubt there will be some cross-over between the two interviews. Valentine wrote the book “The Phoenix Program.

    James Corbett’s interview:

    Guillermo Jimenez’s interview:

    Douglas Valentine’s actual review:

    Thanks for your efforts CJ. Curious if you’ve ever heard any of Sibel Edmonds’ work on Operation Gladio B?

    1. By profcj (Post author) on

      I’ve heard a few interviews with her over the years, but I can’t say I’ve looked into Gladio B in any great detail beyond that.

  2. By Jake Wright on

    I’m a former active duty U.S. Marine M.P. (’93-’00). As far as presenting libertarian/anarchistic ideals with a Jingoistic military member. I was that guy but only because, s I was raised as a flag waving republican and being it was obvious the democrats were evil socialist I just assumed I was a republican. I just wasn’t aware there was any other way to be. I was a Rush Limbaugh listener and would hear him bitching about libertarians. So when, during my last year in the Marines, I saw a libertarian bumper sticker on a Master Sergeant’s car I had to ask him about it. He loaned me a Harry Browne book and got me started on the road to liberty. I liked the ideas but still didn’t think it was practical as a political theory in the U.S. I was in my mid thirties reading several of Ron Paul’s books introducing me to Rothbard who introduced me to the idea of non-communist anarchism. It wasn’t until Ron Paul and Rothbards books that I got fully on board with being completely anti-war. I’ll never be a pacifist but I believe the NAP is the only moral way to live.

    I guess the bottom line is that someone has to be exposed to an idea, especially one so alien to their current thinking, well before they can be led to that way of thinking.


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