February 14

Ep. 0094: British Bric-a-brac (CJ’s grad school research project from 2005)

Several listeners have asked about work and research I did while in graduate school, so I decided to share with you one of the few things I wrote in grad school that A) I still have and B) I’m proud of & think is at least somewhat interesting.

Between the World Wars, the British government held ‘Empire Exhibitions’ in Wembley & Glasgow to celebrate the British Empire.  I investigated these exhibitions from the standpoint of propaganda, in an effort to figure out what messages the British elite were trying to inculcate into the exhibitions’ attendees. Among the sources I used was an unconventional sort — souvenirs.

Join CJ as he discusses:

  • His 2005 research paper, “British Bric-a-brac: Souvenirs and the Message of the 1924-25 Wembley and 1938 Glasgow British Empire Exhibitions”

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