May 27

Ep. 0104: The Concept of Gross Human Product (GHP)

No, it’s not a euphemism for things that emit from your orifices when your gastrointestinal tract is unhappy.  It’s a concept proposed by James C. Scott in Two Cheers for Anarchism, in answer to the question, “What if we were to ask what kind of people a given activity or institution fostered?”

Join CJ from the cockpit of the Silver Bullet as he discusses:

  • The concept of Gross Human Product, or GHP, and how this concept should be at least considered in addition to purely financial factors in analyzing human endeavors
  • The importance of an independent livelihood as an ideal to be pursued in earlier eras of American history
  • Whether assembly line factory workers and white-collar cubicle workers can expect to have a positive GHP experience from their careers
  • Some thoughts about intrinsically motivating work

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