July 30

Ep. 0112: Scott Horton on America’s post-Cold War Empire

Today CJ is joined by Scott Horton for a conversation about the recent history of American foreign policy since the end of the Cold War.

Join CJ & Scott as they discuss:

  • The book Scott is currently working on, to be coauthored with Tom Woods, about the so-called ‘War on Terror’
  • How much the Soviet threat during the Cold War — while certainly real — was often exaggerated by US elites for their own purposes
  • How, for all its faults, the Cold War strategy of containment at least made some coherent sense, in contrast to the US government’s approach to the Greater Middle East in recent decades, and how often the USG’s lack of a coherent Mid-East strategy has led the USG to support violent anti-American factions
  • Why the end of the Cold War did not result in the US reverting to being a ‘normal country in a normal time’
  • Some thoughts on the Neocons, and how different they are (or aren’t) from the ‘Liberal Interventionists’
  • Some thoughts on whether there’s any possibility of the American Empire at home & abroad being dismantled in an orderly fashion, or if it will only come to an end under conditions of collapse & bankruptcy

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