August 13

Ep. 0113: The Porcellian Club: Harvard’s Skull & Bones?

Think the notorious Skull & Bones is the only secret, elite club at an Ivy League school?  Think again. There are actually a bunch of such clubs found at the most elite universities, and the oldest one of its type (to CJ’s knowledge) is actually not the more famous Skull & Bones at Yale; it’s the Porcellian Club at Harvard.  Famous members of the Porcellian include Oliver Wendell Holmes (both Sr. & Jr.), Henry Cabot Lodge,  Theodore Roosevelt (and his son, T.R. Jr.), and the Winklevoss twins, to name just a few.

Join CJ as he discusses:

  • The origins of the Porcellian Club
  • What little we know of its practices
  • Some of its most famous members.

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