June 23

Ep. 0142: History, Naked & Dangerous: A conversation with Bryce Blankenagel

In this episode, CJ talks to Bryce Blankenagel of the Naked Mormonism Podcast. 

(Note: This episode contains the majority — but not all — of the conservation, but Patreon supporters of either the Dangerous History Podcast or the Naked Mormonism Podcast will have access to the entire thing via the respective Patreon supporters’ feed.)

Join CJ & Bryce as they discuss:

  • The idea of ‘dangerous history’
  • Revisionism, the bad & the good
  • Why history is so interesting
  • The importance of backstory & context (and how this increases the workload for history podcasters)
  • Why Bryce began seriously studying Mormon history & doing his podcast
  • The historical context of early-to-mid-nineteenth century America, including the Second Great Awakening, the so-called ‘Burned Over District’ of upstate NY, Andrew Jackson & Jacksonian politics

(Additional topics discussed in the full conversation.)

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