September 24

Ep. 0146: The Grunt’s-Eye Perspective: The Not-So-Civil War Part 8

We mostly get the view from the top when it comes to the American Civil War – that is, the view from the political leaders and generals. We usually get only scattered glimpses of what it was actually like to be an enlisted man or lower-level officer in a Civil War Army. In this episode, we’re zooming in on the perspective of the common soldier. (This episode has been a long time coming due to the massive amount of research and preparation required; hopefully the end result is worth my time & labors that I poured into it.)

Join CJ as he discusses:

  • Uniforms, footwear, discipline, vices, conscription, black soldiers in the Union Army
  • Food, water, sanitation, pests & vermin, illness
  • Battle — the horrors in hardship before & during it, as well as the grisly & painful aftermath, including what it was like to be wounded & to be taken prisoner
  • Why they fought — looking at motivations that caused men to join up, that kept them in the ranks, and that kept at least some of the soldiers repeatedly charging back into battle again and again

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