November 22

Ep. 0151: American Public Schooling & Inner-City Schools with Mike K.

In this DHP episode, CJ talks to Mike K., a DHP listener and former teacher with extensive knowledge of inner-city education based on both research and firsthand, real-world experience.

Join CJ & Mike as they discuss many topics related to education, including:

  • Mike’s background, including his studies in education (through the Ph. D. level) and 10 years of experience teaching in an inner-city school
  • The particular challenges of teaching in these sorts of schools, and how they compare to more ‘typical’ American public schools
  • A bird’s eye perspective of the evolution of schooling in America since the Antebellum period
  • De jure desegregation, followed by de facto resegregation
  • Comparing poor urban schools to poor rural schools, which face some of the same challenges, but also some different ones
  • The problems of over-diagnosing and over-prescribing psychiatric medication for children
  • The degree to which building real relationships with students based on mutual respect is a key to effective teaching
  • How real, effective teaching often requires a teacher to routinely flout rules in the current American education system, which is a dehumanizing system to both teachers & students
  • Teaching as a craft
  • The importance of teaching genuine critical thinking
  • Possible ways to cope with the current system, whether one is fully outside of it or not
  • The problems of NCLB & standardized testing, and the degree to which education is a racket
  • Possible things individuals can do with their own children or in their local community to try to improve things in some way
  • Plus CJ & Mike share some of their personal experiences and impressions of teaching

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