September 28

Ep. 0079: History of Irregular Warfare with Bill Buppert (Part 3)

Join CJ & Bill as they discuss:

  • Col. T.E. Lawrence’s operations in Arabia during the First World War
  • The Anglo-Irish War and its primary mastermind, Michael Collins
  • The concept of “peak guerrilla” or “peak G” in the West in the years 1916-1922
  • Mao Tse Tung as theorist and practitioner of guerrilla warfare in the Chinese Civil War

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  1. By Richard Raymond on

    This is the third installment of your podcast on Irregular Warfare I’ve listened to and I love the wide ranging topics of warfare, history, philosophy, cinema ect…. you both make a good team, keep up a very interesting and informative series!
    P.S.- Would love to hear more about the movie, I believe you said was “Intimate Enemies” about the French Algerian conflict.


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