January 14

Ep. 0048: Introduction to Taoism & the Scholar Warrior Ideal

And also Prof CJ’s modern adaptation of the ideal:  The Guerrilla Scholar Warrior — a possible way to make yourself freer in this not-so-free world of ours.

Join Prof CJ as he discusses:

  • The basics of the origins and meaning of Taoism
  • Some of Taoism’s similarities to other philosophies, ancient and modern
  • What the Scholar Warrior ideal is
  • Some examples of Scholar Warriors from history
  • Prof CJ’s lifehack on the concept — “the Guerrilla Scholar Warrior” — and how it can apply to modern-day life

External Links

Alan Watts lecture “The Taoist Way”

Bruce Lee “Be Like Water”

Bruce Lee “The Art of Fighting Without Fighting”

Murray Rothbard article on Taoism in Ancient China

Prof CJ’s Picks (buy anything from Amazon via these links to help support the show at no additional cost to you)

(Photo “Businessman with Sword” courtesy Vudhikrai/freedigitalphotos.net)

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