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Here you go, folks — a master list of all episodes in reverse-chronological order of when they were published, for those who find categories confining and just want to browse omnivorously.

Patreon Bonus Episodes

(These can only be accessed in Patreon by those who support the Dangerous History Podcast via Patreon at $5 or more per month)

  • Bonus Episode 11: Damn the Torpedos!: The Naval Not-So-Civil War, Part 1
  • Bonus Episode 10: “The War Prayer” by Mark Twain
  • Bonus Episode 9: CJ’s Thoughts on the 2016 Election
  • Bonus Episode 8: 2016 DHP Halloween Special, Part 2
  • Bonus Episode 7: Twenty-One Key Concepts & Theories Part 3
  • Bonus Episode 6: Thoughts on Porcfest, Brexit, Decentralism, & Collapse
  • Bonus Episode 5: The Haitian Revolution
  • Bonus Episode 4: George de Mohrenschildt
  • Bonus Episode 3: Operation Northwoods
  • Bonus Episode 2: Samurai & Ninjas
  • Bonus Episode 1: Dangerous History & Personal Liberation

Regular Dangerous History Podcast Episodes:


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