February 14

Ep. 0051: Accessory Before the Fact: Operation Keelhaul

Operation Keelhaul, which Alexander Solzhenitsyn called “the last secret of World War II,” was the forced repatriation of anti-Communist Russian and Eastern Europeans into Stalin’s clutches in the aftermath of World War II, where they often faced either summary execution or the gulag.

Join Prof CJ as he discusses:

  • What Operation Keelhaul was and why it was so morally and legally questionable
  • The Yalta Agreement, the supposed reason for forced repatriation
  • How in reality British & American authorities actually started forced repatriation well before the Yalta Agreement
  • The most prominent case of forced repatriation, that of former Soviet General Andrey Vlasov and his approximately 900,000 followers
  • The case of the Cossacks, probably the next most-prominent group to be keelhauled
  • How British & American soldiers used lies, violence, and even drugs to facilitate these repatriations, including forced repatriations of prisoners that had been held on American soil
  • Prof CJ’s concluding thoughts on Keelhaul, including the truly Orwellian way that this huge favor to Uncle Joe was being done at the exact time that Nazi war criminals were being saved by the West in the name of getting an edge on the Soviets

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