March 30

Ep. 0055: Save Yourself

Join Prof CJ as he discusses historical examples of people saving themselves, such as:

  • The story of Xenophon and the Ten Thousand, a group of Greek mercenaries who were left stranded in the heart of the Persian Empire & had to fight their way home
  • The story of Frederick Douglass, who liberated himself from slavery, educated himself, and became a top abolitionist activist
  • The Russo-Finnish Wars that took place during World War II, and the contrast of how Finland fared with how states such as Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, & Estonia fared
  • Jews who either escaped or fought against the Nazis during World War II
  • [NOTE:  I accidentally said “the Soviets suffered fewer than 100 casualties” while conquering western Poland in 1939; it should have been “fewer than 1,000.”]

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  1. By Paul Stelzig on

    I’m working my way up through all your podcast from the start, so I just listened to this one this week. I have a minor correction or addition about Simo Häyhä, not all of his kills were with Mosin Nagant M28, some of the kills were with a Suomi K31 SMG. So he was hiding in the snow for days at a time killing invaders from hundreds of yards away. But he killed some at much closer ranges as well.

    I have found some articles that say 505 kills total between SMG and rifle, and one that says 505 rifle and more than 200 more with the SMG.

  2. By John Benson on

    Wonderful theme and presentation. The documentary the Singing Revolution was a great history of the Baltic Freedom movement. In particular a short sequence on the “Forest Brothers” addressed those who choose to fight.


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