Who is CJ?

CJ has been teaching college history since 2006, but he has been a smartass, iconoclast, and a cynical questioner and critic of authority since he was a kid.  Naturally, these attitudes have influenced his take on history.

CJ likes his teaching job and does his utmost to incorporate his critiques of the established narrative into the classes he teaches, but he still finds formal academia somewhat limiting at times, so he decided to start a podcast as an outlet for his most radical revisionist rants.

What is the Dangerous History Podcast?

The goal of the Dangerous History Podcast is to help you learn the past so that you can better understand the present and prepare for the future.

The Dangerous History Podcast takes CJ’s countless hours spent as a Professional History Dork and boils all the most interesting and/or important stuff he has learned into podcast episodes, combining education with entertainment with the ultimate goal of empowerment.

This is the history the Establishment would rather you not know.

If you like the show and would like to help it not only continue, but grow, please donate and/or spread word of the show (word of mouth, Twitter, your blog, leaving reviews and ratings on iTunes and other podcast venues, to name a few), and you can help us get there!

The Dangerous History Podcast is covered by a BipCot NoGov License. Learn more at bipcot.org.