September 20

Ep. 0118: Party Systems in American History, Part I

In light of the currently ongoing freakshow — er, ‘campaign’ — I decided to talk a bit about the big-picture view of the history of American political party systems.  (BTW, audio quality gets better about 2/3 of the through — I did the first part of the episode when I was a bit hoarse & it was storming outside; last third was done the following morning.  These are the trials & travails of being a super-busy guerrilla podcaster with a day job & a family, who has to lay down the tracks whenever he has a chance, whether things are ideal or not.)

Join CJ as he discusses:

  • What “party systems” are in American political history
  • The First Party System (Federalists vs. Democratic-Republicans, ~1792-1820ish)
  • The Second Party System (Democrats vs. Whigs, ~1828-1854)
  • The Second Great Awakening, the differences between “Pietist” and “Liturgical” Christians, and the impact of this on political party preferences
  • The Third Party System (Democrats vs. Republicans, 1856-1896)

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