November 23

Ep. 0125: Listener Emails #6

LOOOOOOOOOONG overdue for one of these, so here it is, and extra-plus-sized to compensate for lost time.

Join CJ as he shares & responds to messages from listeners on:

  • More thoughts on the historical evolution of Islam
  • Whether there’s any instance in which CJ might consider voting
  • The electoral college
  • The Republic of Cospaia
  • Historical fiction novels
  • Safe haven countries in the event of World War 3?
  • Whether or not the mainstream may be right about things like economics and politics, and CJ & much of the audience of this podcast are crazy
  • Chris Kyle
  • Why are there so many different views on history?
  • Historical examples of anarchism (or something close to it) in practice

Thanks to Max, Penny, Ken, Jan, Kent, Jacob, Darko, Rainer, Rick, & Ary for their questions!

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